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Elementor V3 | BRAND NEW Best Global Design System

If there was any doubt over which is the best WordPress page builder then Elementor has just pulled out the big guns and shot down the competition! In their latest and biggest update, Elementor V3.0 gives you more control than ever in creating your WordPress website. In fact it’s now so quick and easy, that you’ll be able to build a site from scratch in just minutes using only Elementor V3.

So what makes it so great? Well, you can wave goodbye to your old theme customizer, now you can change your logo, favicon and site identity from the new global settings inside the front-end editor. Add to that global colors, global fonts, theme style settings for typography, buttons, forms and more… AND a whole new theme builder… well, you start to get the idea that this is a big game-changer for how to make a WordPress website.

Check out my video tutorial above where I show you exactly where to find all these new settings and how easy it is to use them to save yourself more time than Superman did when he flew around the world!

Elementor V3

Starting from the top, if you’re new to Elementor or Elementor Pro then when you download the plugin, which you can get via my affiliate link here, then you’ll have the latest Elementor V3 installed straight away. If you’ve used it before then head over to the updates section of your WordPress dashboard and – if you haven’t already – tap the box, hit update, and let the good times roll.

Global Settings

To get to your new global settings, simply click on the top-left hamburger menu bar of your normal Elementor widget toolbar and you’ll be able to see the options for site settings and (if you’re using Elementor Pro) also the new theme builder.

elementor v3 global settings

From here you can click into the site settings, where you will be able to access a whole host of new features.

elementor v3 site settings

Here you now have quick access to some really useful settings. Before updating to Elementor V3 you could only have changed these things either by going into the theme customizer from the WordPress tollbar, or (for things like layout and lightboxes) by going into individual sections and widgets within the Elementor editor and manually making changes one at a time – how old school does that sound now?! It’s all made easy now though from your global settings. Here’s a quick run down on each:

Site Identity

Here you can change your site title and tagline, and also upload your website logo and favicon (the little logo you get in the tab of your browser). Before this update to Elementor V3 you would have to do this via the WordPress toolbar theme customizer.


Bored of white? Then make it right! Change your website’s background colour in just a couple of clicks. You can have a solid colour, a gradient or even an image that all your other content scrolls in front of. Plus you can change your mobile background, too.


This may seem like one of the smaller details of the Elementor V3 update, but it’s one of my favourites! Now you no longer have to go into the theme customizer or each individual section on your site to change the layout, you can do it all centrally from here. So if you want to emulate the likes of Apple who seem to use about 1000px width for their website layout then you can do so very simply.


Lightbox popups are a beautiful part of web design – when done right! Now you can set the default style for all of them. You can still make changes on an individual basis but this will save you lots of design time if you make it to your liking when you first start.

Custom CSS

It’s unlikely you will use much CSS code as Elementor does such an amazing job of letting you drag-and-drop design a beautiful, fast and responsive website. Every now and again you might need to add some code and you can do that here. It will apply across your whole site, so if you want to just make a change to one widget then you can still do that within the element’s advanced settings.

Theme Style

The theme style options are the building blocks of your whole website, where you can add style definitions to HTML tags, as well as the defaults for your buttons, images and forms. These effectively replace your existing theme’s defaults, which means that when you start building from scratch you can save yourself loads of time in later styling. Of course, the design system builds on top of this.

Design System

This is the fun stuff! Now you can manage your colours and fonts across your whole website, giving you the ability to change everything at once. Got a heading you like to use? Assign it to a global font and if ever you need/want to change it then you can do so across your whole site from just this one place. Maybe you wish those buttons you spent ages designing were now a different colour…!

Previously you would have had to go through every page on your site and change them one by one, now thought you can do it in less than a minute.

Global Colours

Elementor V3 makes it super easy to save your favourite colours here, and then you will be able to quickly choose them whenever you’re editing a widget element on your site. You have a new globe icon next to the color swatch on all your widgets that allows you to quickly access this menu.

elementor v3 global colours

You can add new colors easily and, more importantly, edit existing ones. Once you have widget elements (like buttons) or even fonts assigned to a global colour then when you change that colour here, in the global colours settings menu, then it will change the colour across you whole website for all the elements you linked it to. And you can see it happening live, just as you normally do in the individual widget editors!

Global Fonts

Just like your global colors, you can now create and style typography using the exact font, size and style you like; you can then save it and apply it to any text on your site. For example, in my video tutorial, I show you how to quickly and easily change some title headings.

elementor v3 global fonts

Theme Builder

elementor v3 theme builder

Last but not least, let’s look at a big Elementor V3 update to the Theme Builder, a little something that’s going to make changing your entire website that much simpler! It was never hard to begin with, but now you no longer have to go back to the WordPress dashboard and view each section (like your headers, footers, 404 page etc.) individually.

Now you can do it from the front-editor and this gives you an excellent overview of your site as a whole. Every part is now visible and easily editable. You can see what you have active and what isn’t, and you can manage where they appear… That’s right, you can edit the conditions for each, so you have complete control! I also like that you now get an image preview, which means you have a visual overview of your whole site makeup.

My Conclusion

If you haven’t guessed already, I really like Elementor V3.0 – it had a few issues in the beta version, but now it’s live it really is making WordPress web deign easier than ever. I think if you’re a complete beginner this is going to help you get started much more quickly, but it also allows a lot more control and ease-of-management for advanced users, too.

So it’s a win-win, and Elementor keeps the gold medal for best WordPress page builder. If you’re not using it, then why on earth not?! Get Elementor here. This is my affiliate link, you can download the free plugin or buy the pro version for all the best features – you don’t pay extra but I get a small commission which does help to make free tutorials for you, so thank you for the support!

If you want help learning how to get the most out of Elementor then check out my video tutorial on how to use all the free Elementor widgets or my Pro elements tutorial playlist.



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