How to Make a WordPress Website 2021 Best Elementor Tutorial

Welcome to how to Make a WordPress Website 2021! This is a WordPress tutorial for beginners, you can make a website without any code! I will show you how to use Elementor, the best WordPress page builder. TIMESTAMPS & LINKS below.

How to Make a WordPress Website 2021

WordPress powers over 35% of the internet, it’s the most popular CMS in the world and Elementor the best page builder – you can easily make websites for clients and by the end of this WordPress Elementor tutorial, you will know exactly how it’s done!

Get Elementor (Free or Pro) and get the best WordPress web hosting. If you want slightly cheaper hosting that’s almost as good then check out this great WordPress web host.

Elementor Tutorial 2021

In this video tutorial, we will use Elementor Free for 80% of the designing and then Elementor Pro for some OPTIONAL added touches so that you’re confident in using both versions. It is the best WordPress page builder, you can drag-and-drop to make a website in minutes!

This is how to make a WordPress website the new way for beginners. I will show you how to start from scratch and by the end you will be confident in how to make a website – you could even start up your own web design business.

How to Make a WordPress Website 2021 Timestamps

What we will learn in this WordPress Tutorial (00:00:00)
Get a domain name and best web hosting (00:01:38)
Create a new website (00:03:18)
How to install WordPress (00:04:20)
SiteGround site tools c-pannel (00:05:44)
How to login to WordPress (00:06:15)
WordPress front-end (00:06:50)
WordPress backend (00:07:30)
How to change your WordPress Theme (00:09:02)
Optimise WordPress (00:09:34)
Personalise WordPress user profile (00:11:57)
Edit the WordPress Dashboard (00:13:00)
Make WordPress website secure with free SSL (00:13:30)


Install a new WordPress Theme (Hello Elementor) (00:15:10)
Install Elementor Free (00:15:50)
How to add pages (00:16:20)
How to set a static homepage in WordPress (00:16:50)
How to create a menu (00:17:20)
How to edit with Elementor (00:18:27)
How to add global colors, fonts, typography and Site Identity (00:19:04)
How to hide WordPress page title and change page layout (00:23:20)
Add SEO tab to Elementor with RankMath or Yoast (00:23:50)


Add a Hero section (00:26:18)
Add a background color, gradient, image or slideshow (00:27:54)
Where to get free images (00:28:47)
How to optimise images (00:29:20)
How to upload images to WordPress (00:30:20)
How to edit images in WordPress (00:30:50)
Edit an image slideshow (00:31:30)
Add a video background (00:32:39)
Adding section shape dividers (00:33:35)
Add a background overlay image (00:34:38)
The history tool / undo and redo edits (00:35:58)
Add an inner section widget + edit columns (00:36:23)
The title heading widget (00:36:57)
How to duplicate widgets (00:37:36)
Add and edit buttons (00:38:06)
Section margins and padding (00:40:05)
How to paste styles to save time (00:40:40)
Make your design mobile-friendly (00:42:10)
Add animations to text (00:43:23)
Adding extra columns + video widgets (00:45:58)
Add Elementor parallax images for cool scrolling effects (00:48:50)
How to use the Elementor Navigator (00:52:18)
Icon Boxes & Images Boxes (00:54:00)
How to create a YouTube subscribe link for auto subscribe prompt (00:55:18)
Add animation, hover effects and borders (00:55:48)


Add a contact section with imagery (01:00:10)
How to create a contact form with WPForms (01:01:55)
How to add shortcode to WordPress Elementor (01:03:50)
Make it responsive (01:06:00)

How to make Elementor Headers and Footers for FREE

How to make a header (01:07:25)
How to make a free logo with transparent background png (01:08:50)
Using the Icon List widget for menu links (01:13:10)
How to save templates and import into pages (01:14:00)


How to get & install Elementor Pro (01:15:20)
Add a gradient to text in WordPress Elementor (01:17:59)
How to create static images with moving images behind in Elementor Pro (01:21:26)
What is the Z Index and how does it work (01:25:25)
Menu Anchor scrolling effect (01:29:00)
Theme Builder Header & Footer (01:32:35)


Adding & Designing a Blog (01:43:30)
Theme Builder Post Templates (01:45:37)
404 Page (01:53:10)
Useful Plugins (01:48:40)
What we’ve made (01:51:42)

Useful Links

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Affiliate Disclaimer: This video & description contains affiliate links. If you buy a product through this you won’t pay any extra, but I get a small commission. Thank you for that support it really helps to keep making free video tutorials.



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